7 Important Tips to Building an Effective Website

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7 Important Tips to Building an Effective Website

First, a well functioning CMS (Content Management System) is critical to having a long-term digital marketing strategy that engages viewers, retains them, and converts to sales. Website's content should offer customers more than just a flood of dull data. Too many business owners and executives fail to recognize this importance of curating relevant information and are hesitant to invest in content marketing in the same way as digital marketing. On average, companies spend a disproportionate amount of resources buying ads on social media platforms compared to investing in their content strategy. However, studies show a solid trend of original content earning strong ROI (Return-on-Investment). A successful website achieves the trifecta of visibility, leads, and sales. Visibility illustrates how much targeted traffic is directed to the website. Leads show the conversion of that traffic into ready-to-buy clients. And, sales display how many of those targeted eager clients will actually purchase the product. Visibility leans into leads, and leads contribute to sales. Studies report that the conversion rate from visibility to leads is 16%, and the conversion rate from leads to sales is 14%. These rates demonstrate in measurable ways of how website's content can improve your business's bottom line. 

Second, a robust SEO is the engine that gives your website the necessary energy to be successful. An optimized SEO broadly includes two methods that attract more interested users. The first method involves technical engineering, which incorporates having on-page SEO tags and programs such as schema and XML sitemaps. The second practice goes back to the importance of having great original content that is consistently updated and strategized to captivate users. These two courses of action contribute to a healthy SEO score, and thus improve the general targeted traffic to the site. 

Third, having in place strong security measures is crucial to ensure content preservation but also to assure customers of privacy concerns. In the  age of rampant cyber attacks, more customers want to hear company commitments to protecting their user data from third parties. 

Fourth, analytics programs that enable the company to track traffic along with other desired targets are proving to be effective and efficient measures in operating a website. An analytics-equipped website with indicators able to trace conversions of visibility to leads and leads to sales will be in a much better position to improve their operations and optimize sales.

Fifth, having a mobile responsive web design is essential to running a multi-dimensional and wide-reaching website. The rising advent of progressive apps, which in large part attempt to integrate the best parts of websites with mobile apps, signals the importance of building mobile friendly websites that have capabilities to display content on a multitude of different devices. 

Sixth, web designers should implement fast loading home pages. The loading speed of the website determines the site's usability and exhibits professionalism. Developers can use pingdom or pagespeed insights by google to check website speeds. A well utilized homepage can have major advantages for businesses. An active homepage captures users with relevant information, illustrates branding, and includes links to other pages. The overall speed and design of the website's homepage make a lasting impact on customers which is why it's important to make a great first impression. 

Finally, a staple feature in managing a compelling digital marketing campaign is running an integrated social media account. This involves creating an active account and buying ads on popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Having a presence on social media as a business is a must-have feature since it affords businesses with instant visibility at low to no cost and allows companies to foster a line of communication with interested customers.   

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Original Content

A digital marketing strategy in year 2020 must incorporate having specific schedules for creating and posting distinct content online. Content is the foundation and the engine that runs any website because it is what draws people in and has them stay put. Whether it’s blogs, social media posts, or videos, original content leads to achieving a high SEO, which then translates into a high performing website. A successful plan for content production must entail two things, consistency and quality. First is consistency, meaning posting regularly and updating frequently. This key element helps tremendously in building trust and confidence with visitors. Staying relevant or offering any kind of substantial advice on business, products and services can be very difficult for a website that rarely publishes anything in months. Second is ensuring great quality content. The merit of what is considered quality content is divided into three types, which are popularity, information, and differentiation. Popularity is straightforward, it’s a hot topic that is trending and gaining fast traction on the internet. Being smart in utilizing these momentary topics can go a long way in captivating audiences. Informative content is one that educates readers and is often detail oriented in long form articles. Because they are usually in longer formats and explain how to do things, they are useful for inserting keywords and terms. The last kind of content variety is one of a kind and unique content that differentiates one website from the next. All three of these factors serve as constructive guides for developing quality content that attracts free web traffic. Constantly delivering valuable content captures both the size and scope of the content curation strategy which is important in fulfilling the mission of a website, to reach as many people as possible.

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Brand Story

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Brand Story

One of the most potent ways to achieve success in marketing long term is to create a brand story. There is tremendous power in storytelling, communicating a narrative that forms an emotional bond between a customer and a product. A good brand story not only shapes a perspective and catches people’s attention but also tells in essence why people should care. This fondness and devotion for a product or a brand derive from the values that the story conveys. Whatever the asserted brand values might be of community, commitment, or quality, they are infused into the brand story in order to emote a feeling. Feeling, being the keyword, is what is sold and precisely what crafts an effective story. Nowadays, more and more channels are being made available to companies to pursue storytelling, whether it’s podcasts, documentaries, books, etc. Brand stories can be shared through video, photography, or audio even. So, the decision is up to each company as to which method and strategy they believe will best showcase their brand story. So, what constitutes a great brand story? Well, elements that quite similarly are found in movies such as characters, conflicts, and climaxes. A combination of facts including the who, what, when, where, and why constitutes a convincing human storyline. In contrast to fictional films though, in the case of brand stories, founders and customers become characters instead of Hollywood actors, conflicts arise because of a void in the marketplace for a certain type of service or a product, and finally the story reaches its pinnacle when a solution comes to the marketplace to be launched. These general guidelines for formulating stories, if incorporated thoroughly, captivate customers and expand businesses. They can also offer a clear point of differentiation for products in a market that’s flooded with goods of same functionalities. Developing distinct expectations that set a brand apart from others and distinguishing which features are unique can be easily established through branding. At the core of these stories, there’s usually a founding vision explained through recounting of a personal journey and experiences. And more or less, the vision is used to impart value on a product and in order to compel a buyer to choose one product over another for its superiority. The ultimate goal of brand stories is to impact consumer choice, meaning invoking a feeling in customers that becomes a catalyst for a purchase of a service or a product.

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Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

Content promotion on social media platforms through tweeting or posting on instagram is critical nowadays for consumer engagement. Companies are implementing social media marketing in order to meet consumers at where they are. More and more people all around the world are logging into twitter, facebook, youtube, instagram, and etc, looking for content and new information. Therefore, with a cogent strategy in place entailing efforts like regular scheduled posting, brands can and will witness gradual and natural growth. Yet, even with an organic growth approach in mind, gaining traction sufficient of compensating for investment is not guaranteed for most businesses. Furthermore, the momentum of that growth might not be in sync with where the business is headed. Because of specific market needs and industry trends, an expedited speed version of grow fast and grow big strategy in social media marketing is quickly gaining popularity for certain businesses. This program includes pursuing paid social in order to remain competitive and to achieve maximum impact on exposure. Paying social media has to be a sustained strategy and not a one-off instance, where advertising is targeted to a demographic that’s been analyzed to be the most perceptible to the given marketing material. Dedicated social media managers should edit posts on such marketing materials, change them for the better, suggest tips, and make them unique and distinct, focusing on building brand loyalty. Don’t let anyone say otherwise, size does matter in content creation. Long form articles are much more effective in boosting the online profile of a post than a short one. Within the realm of paid content promotion, retargeting allows for an approach that has an even more narrow and tight audience. Retargeting involves reposting of messages and ads to people who already have a history of being on the site. There exists a direct correlation between the number of displayed impressions and the conversion rate from visitor to consumer. The more impressions that are made, the higher the conversion rate soars. It’s no wonder remarketing and retargeting are some of the most effective ways to identify potential sales. Also, retargeting is much cheaper than the standard AdWords search ad. Despite all of these advantages, marketers still have to be cautious of overusing ads because of ad fatigue. Commercials usually perform the best in its first days and weeks, then its efficacy declines over time due to frequent viewings boring the audience. So, avoid ad fatigue and stale recycling of content by screening similar but slightly different visual samples. Having successful and meaningful engagements online that drive traffic to a website is precisely the purpose of social media marketing. Take use of this chance to boost the bottom line with digital tools that are readily available now to everyone. Expert and professional know-how can help if handling SNS operations in house seem too burdensome. 

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Optimal Ways to Incorporate Visual Media Content

Adding images and videos can be an effective way to boost interaction with site visitors on the internet. The adage that goes “a picture is worth a thousand words” is very true in the case of online marketing. Rather than filling the site’s pages with endless text, posting one relevant photo can have a much bigger impact. The right visual will not only catch people’s attention but also clearly communicate the desired message in an instant manner. However, pictures and videos cannot register for keywords research, and therefore, do not contribute directly to higher SEO scores. Therefore, there are best practices available as to how to optimally publish visual media content. First is to use transcription services on any videos or podcasts in order to provide text and to make them count towards search rankings. Transcripts will likely include tons of keywords related to its business, industry, and competitors, which will then be picked up by search engines to result in a favorable SEO. Second, when embedding videos, realize that the right context and placement on the website are key determinants of their performance success. Also, for the purposes of achieving top spots on Google, Youtube videos prove unrivaled. Lastly, for inserting images on the site, remember to add captions through Image Alt Tags in order to offer full description of the photos. This information is valuable to Google in figuring out and processing which pictures are on its platform. All of these measures, if utilized to its full effect, accomplishes the diversification of different types of content on the website, increased engagements, and overall improved visibility of the website. Take these easy but meaningful steps to reap the benefits of integrating more visual media into your digital marketing plan.

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Growth Driven SEO

Well, this is why web designers must make sure that their websites have a growth driven SEO. Having a strong SEO means that your website is meeting the basic criteria, according to search engine operators, to be competitive and to have an increased probability of visibility on Google’s pages. Regularly updating material, building in-site features, and using relevant keywords are all great methods to keep pace with evolving topics on the internet and to give a healthy SEO boost. SEO (search engine optimization) alone does not guarantee a successful website though. In today’s hyper competitive and saturated online environment, businesses need to coincide a professional website that is optimized for search engines along with other kinds of comprehensive marketing strategies in order to reach their target audience. A multi-pronged approach with a focus on producing unique website content, including blog posts, vidoes, and social media posts, is the best way to not only incorporate trending keywords into the website but also to create synergy across all those different marketing efforts in so far as to rank as high as possible on Google and to outperform rival websites. Competitor sites have a significant effect on how search engines list your business’ website in relation to them. Therefore, it’s vital to examine how much traffic they are drawing in with what kind of services, promotions, and messages. These range of factors all determine how well your website shows up in search results, and thus sways the growth trajectory of the amount of potential online business opportunities the site attracts.

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Mobile Optimization

For businesses who run online or wish to expand their digital footprint, this shift in trend means that their web advertising activities should adjust to various screen sizes and be optimized for mobile devices. This process of mobile optimization entails having all the features and links on the website working properly as well as having its design and display showing up fully on phones and tablets. With Website Innovator, we can ensure that all of the elements within your company's website are responsive to today's smartphone software platforms so as to deliver a seamless and flawless user experience. Our team's capabilities allow for customized solutions that are flexible and constantly adapting to today's digital environment. Mobile browsing continues to outpace use of search engines on conventional computers. Therefore, businesses need to be able to successfully scale up to meet the growing traffic on the mobile online space. Customers that work with us have a direct preview of how their websites will be seen by visitors on their phones. A dynamic and multi-device compatible website not only looks great but has high quality function of all its content that is uniform and present across any kind of device anywhere. The goal of our service is to make this a reality and to help our clients embrace this new shift in web usage. Having a strategy in place, which creates a balance in online marketing between desktop and mobile needs, is vital to developing and managing a uniquely viable website.

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Customized Domain

Therefore, choosing a custom domain name that is an apt reflection of the business is crucial when first creating a website for a company. Getting a fully functional website to be up and running where consumers can quickly find you online accomplishes credibility and professionalism to customers in today's digital environment. Best domain names tend to be concise and catchy phrases or concepts that people will easily remember and hold onto. For websites that aim to be relevant in the long run, having its own domain is also an important foundational layer for building a solid SEO (Search Engine Optimization). For example, a free subdomain is not as competitive in terms of SEO on Google as a customized domain because search engines view generic subdomains as only beginner sites as much of them are. But with a personalized domain name, not only the site's contents but also its links as well as various social signals for SEO accumulate over time and contribute directly to the site's growth. This process of link building and branding is the reason starting off with a distinct domain is considered essential for not impeding potential business development. Website Innovator helps clients to tackle this task of registering custom domains hassle free so that they may focus their capabilities on core operations all the while having web visitors be guided to locate and spot their page on the internet.

Here are some tips:

  • A dictionary or a thesaurus can be a simple and helpful starting guide when picking a name.
  • Popular choices for good names might already be taken for those wanting '.com' domains so dare to be creative!
  • Some basic tips would be to stay clear of using hyphens.
  • It might at first seem like a smart idea, but when typing out the domain name, pressing a hyphen key can be tedious, confusing, and bothersome.
  • In using numbers, remember to give them a common sense purpose, rather than just selecting random numbers.
  • For example, good2skin or good4skin are cases of where numbers were used in place of words.
  • Also, in order to boost authenticity and timelessness, try to avoid inserting abbreviations and slang terms in domain names.

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Come Join Our Future

For recent graduates, these present times are tough as the job market looks uncertain. Many of us are concerned about what will happen to us amidst this pandemic crisis. Nonetheless, we must progress forward. So are you looking for a flexible work environment? Do you prefer to work from home in order to best protect yourself and your loved ones? Well look no further, because we are looking for talented young students from the local area of Montgomery County. Whether you studied at College Park, UMBC, or Montgomery College, Website Innovator wants to work with the next generation of programmers and innovators. If you majored in Graphic Web Design, Programming or you are an avid user of up and coming digital technologies like Tik Tok and Snapchat, please send us your resume. We would love to hear from you. In solidarity with those who are suffering due to Covid-19, Website Innovator continues to voice our message of support and encouragement to them.

Please send us your resume here: info@websiteinnovator.com

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Track & Analyze Your Digital Marketing Performance

Tracking tools such as Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, SEMRush, and Moz can all be incorporated with the site to help monitor things like daily visitor counts, view lengths, how top keywords associated with the site rank across competitor sites, and which features receive the most traction. Such analysis of real time traffic pattern statistics can lend insight into where further value can be created and understanding possible opportunities for growth. For example, if visitors are not staying on your site for long, it might be a sign that your rival page is presenting more value. One of the most utilized data services is Facebook Pixel, which can be embedded on the site to specifically show you viewer interest through observing Facebook ads, including conversions on them and better maneuvering of them to target potential audiences. Another popular digital analytics software is Google Analytics, which provides a detailed look at the site's users and their actions in order to optimize ad marketing as well as the overall digital strategy.

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Talented Interns Wanted!

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Talented Interns Wanted!

Website Innovator is a professional website design and development company based in Germantown, MD with over 10 years of experience working in the computer science field.

Job Description:
Website Innovator is currently looking for a graphic design intern to assist in visual and creative web materials.

We are flexible with accommodations for time off around mid terms, school holidays, and varying schedule constraints. Any currently enrolled student or recently graduated personnel passionate about working, applying their skills, and gaining work experience in this field is welcomed!

Requirements include:
- Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Responsibilities will include:
- Social Media, Designing Print Materials, Brochures, Creating logos, Wordpress

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Why More Businesses Are Incorporating ERP Systems.

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Why More Businesses Are Incorporating ERP Systems.

This streamlining of enterprise data, regarding company divisions like accounting, human resources, project management, and manufacturing, that is utilized by employees to make informed actions has several key benefits. 

First, the risk of making uninformed decisions based on inaccurate data reduces. Information gathering from multiple sources ensures that data is correct and up-to-date. Confidence in data integrity increases. Secondly, ERP systems enhance operational efficiency by activating collaboration, improving data visibility, and eliminating data duplication. Having a platform where business data is organized and accumulated helps to facilitate data flow between departments, and thus allows issues to be efficiently addressed, capital resources to be effectively spent, and conclusively for bottom-line savings. 

Today's industry trends in ERP systems involve cloud computing. Too often, small to medium business cannot afford the cost of implementing ERP systems because installing on-site hardware and software is expensive and require custom coding, hiring additional IT staff, training, and consulting. Yet the benefits of incorporating ERP systems are universal for all businesses. There in market demand lies the rise of cloud ERP systems. Clouding means that information is no longer located onsite at the company's headquarters but instead on a network of remote servers. This way, systems are more quickly implemented, companies don't have to support costly infrastructure and information can be updated in real-time. These benefits present an affordable alternative for small businesses that want to have an ERP system to support their operations. Other popular additional features in ERP systems are currently social tools, mobile-friendly interface, and IoT(Internet of Things) functions. 

Because costs to install ERP systems are decreasing, its application is also diversifying. Software solutions companies like Syspro Inc is planning to provide ERP software to Charter Medical, a global manufacturer of products for regenerative medicine, blood transfusion, and bio processing industry, so that their organizational information is streamlined, reported in real-time and easily accessible. Besides from medical industries, another example of ERP systems implementation involves the mining industry. It's been reported that Pronto Solutions Alliance (PSA), a Canadian firm, has developed an ERP software system that helps mining companies lower operation time and costs by generating full business intelligence reports. These reports will work to lower the barrier of entry for early-stage mining companies, who are cash-strapped but still seek to achieve corporate efficiency. 

Overall, ERP systems are effective software solutions that bring operational efficiency to your business, especially if your business deals frequently with massive circulation of data. 

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Benefits of Customized Web Design vs. Wix and Shopify

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Benefits of Customized Web Design vs. Wix and Shopify

However, this also means that the web is being flooded with more idle websites that don't attract enough traffic or generate sales. Having a website is simply not enough these days. Companies must create original content to pull viewers to the website. Also, an extensive marketing/ outreach campaign has to coincide with the website in order to get a full utilization out of the site. 

Customized web design means customized content, which means your company will present original material that stand out amongst competitors. Having the ability to customize content has a number of key advantages. First, a strong content marketing strategy will boost your website's Search Engine Result Page ranking (SERP) and produce increased traffic to the site in the long run. Quality creative content will lead to an increased likelihood of sharing of the site's contents by users, which results in more back links to the site. Because web listings on the first page of Google search account for 92% of all traffic, getting your website to land on the first page is critical to capturing web traffic. In order to do so, websites need to be equipped with SEO-friendly content and mobile-optimized features. As of May 2015, Google search volumes on mobile phones surpassed those on desktops, therefore, mobile-friendliness of websites now partly determine website's SEO rankings.

The second benefit to customized web design is running a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, which entails an active social media presence and viewer engagement on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Because of the sheer number and variety of social networking tools available these days, companies fail to deliver a uniform and effective branding message to its audience, who follow them across different media platforms. That's why more and more companies are hiring web agencies to manage their marketing efforts for them. It's important that all of the company's presence on the web, including instagram, facebook, and website, be integrated and present a singular brand story. Having instagram show one thing, and facebook another is inconsistent branding and carry the potential to confuse viewers. 61% of high traffic sites on GoDaddy had an attached Facebook page, which goes to show what an important role social media can play. But even on Facebook, securing an organic reach to target audiences is becoming more difficult. Therefore, integrating these various platforms and customizing a brand message can be a useful and cost-effective communication tool in this age.  Check out our SNS management services.

Using third party software to build websites can be less expensive, but it comes with its limitations. The website can seem impersonal, formulaic, and frustrating to work with in terms of its lack of flexibility and control.  Check out our customized design portfolio.

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Optimizing Responsive Web Design

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Optimizing Responsive Web Design

In this blog, we'll go through what AMP and PWA are and what they do for your websites. Data shows that 50% of local-mobile searches are for looking up information regarding local businesses whether its the address, operating hours, or cell phone number. Therefore, web agencies often include responsive web design(RWD) as a part of their contracts. However, just having an RWD is proving to fall short of satisfying web users, who want quick and easy access to information online. RWD is a cost effective solution for small businesses who wish to have mobile friendly websites, but it has slow loading speeds with an average of 10 seconds to fully load all its content. This is unfortunate because studies illustrate that 53% of web visits are abandoned after 3 seconds of loading time. In order to hasten this process, web designers are incorporating AMP (accelerated mobile pages) and PWA (progressive web applications) to their RWD. 

AMP is a part of Google's effort to speed up web pages by simplifying their features. It's been highly successful at cutting down loading times with the average duration decreasing to 1 second. 900,000 domains with over 2 billion pages have adopted AMP, and 80% have seen higher traffic, which is a critical improvement in drawing ads to the site. It's no wonder Google has prioritized AMP web pages for their mobile platform, and other giant corporations such as Johnson & Johnson and eBay have adopted it for their websites. However, there are limitations that discourage some web designers. First, visitor activity is difficult to track since their clicks are not actually happening on the site. This hinders possible customer engagement opportunities and as a result affects improving UX (user experience) and conversion rates. Second, reduction in graphical and UI (user interface) elements for the sake of speed make AMP pages ideal for blog posts and news updates but not for e-commerce purposes. 

Another high speed configuration is PWA, which is an app-like interface that Work offline and provides universal access to the site on all devices and browsers. It promotes web visitor engagement through enabling features that bookmark and link the web page as well as send push notifications. PWA also offers better security assurances from viruses, and faster transactions between web pages. A downside of PWA is that it's expensive and difficult implement therefore only bigger businesses can afford to integrate it. 

Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. But with 70% of mobile web pages taking an average of 7 seconds to load visual content, the implementation of AMP and PWA or other advanced iterations of them will continue to thrive in the future. Some companies, rather than utilizing AMP or PWA, choose to opt for creating standalone mobile websites. However, this has been proven as an ineffective solution for its high costs, low SEO scoring, and difficult maintenance. Instead, companies achieve the benchmarks of a successful website such as generated leads, conversion rates, and bounce rates by combining AMP and PWA. This way, web designers can draw from the best of both worlds, AMP for its speed and search visibility, and PWA for its UX and UI capabilities. Check out our responsive design services.

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Learn about SSL Certificates Here

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Learn about SSL Certificates Here

The most basic of such cyber security systems is equipping your company's website with SSL, or TLS as they are called now. So exactly what is SSL or TLS? And how does it affect my website? 

What is SSL? 

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layers. It plays a critical role in providing web security for your site. To put it simply, SSL protocols protect connections that are made between websites and netWork. These netWork like the internet should be understood as being insecure, which means that without a proper SSL certificate, any computer existing in between the site and the network can view all of your inputed information. SSL offers a way to prevent this by creating an encrypted link between the network and the site. This link keeps all the data exchanges between the site and the network private by making them indecipherable to third parties. It has become the standard security technology solution for web agencies to use, especially on e-commerce websites where sensitive information such as credit card numbers and login passwords frequents. 

One way to tell if your company's site incorporates this computer networking protocol is by looking at the URL. A site that's encrypted with an SSL certificate has https at the beginning of its URL. HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTP Secure) and it combines Hypertext Transfer Protocol with TLS to implement secure communication on the network and its applications. Having SSL certificates is crucial to protecting your business, its data, and client's private information on the web. Without it, websites face possible penalization from search engines for not being able to provide security assurances to its users. A key advantage in custom web design is the ability to build a stronger security apparatus around your website. 

How Does SSL Work? 

SSL certificates are tiny data files that digitally bond cryptographic keys to an organization's information so that once it is activated on a server, it acts as a padlock to prevent third parties from viewing sensitive details. When first setting up a secure connection, a browser attempts to connect with a secured website with https and asks the site to identify itself by sending a copy of its SSL certificate. The server sends over the requested identification, which includes the certificate's public key to the encryption, to the browser. The browser then checks the validity of the certificate by exchanging messages with the server. The exchange acknowledges that the server wants to start an SSL encrypted session with the browser in which case protected data begins to be shared between the browser and the server. 

Having such protection for transmitted data is a must for e-commerce servers as they receive confidential details, but other servers can choose to install SSL protocols on pages they wish to keep secure over the internet. A downside to having too many levels of encryption is that it can slow down your site. A customized security solution will be able to pick and choose which pages need special encryption. 

How to get an SSL certificate?

Since SSL connections on the web require an SSL certificate, websites must have their own dedicated IP address in order to obtain an SSL certificate. Once you have your own dedicated IP address, you can buy and activate the certificate to install it on the server. After installing it, you can update your website and begin using HTTPS to offer secure encrypted communication.  

SSL vs. TLS 

Simply put, TLS is a successor to SSL. TLS stands for Transport Layer Security and just like SSL, it is a cryptographic protocol that secure communications over computer netWork. Utilization of TLS has taken off ever since SSL was banned by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and subsequently by major search engines for its risks of security exposure.  Website Innovator uses SSL for all e-Commerce projects.

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