How should you use Typography in your Website? - Part 2

by Website Innovator | 11/5/2021 | Tips, Web Design

How should you use Typography in your Website? - Part 2

In our last blogpost, we were able to see the importance of the website’s typography - fonts and how words are formulated on your website. We explored popular, most compatible fonts that can emphasize your website’s content. In this issue, we will explore how we can improve the visitors’ experience and what we must beware of in designing our typography.

What typography is the best for the users?

Though readers are looking for visually attractive content, it is important to not overdo the dazzling. Best text faces have some personality but not so much that it distracts from the content or the experience of reading. Though it may be important to stay original, we advise to not use an unclear, bedazzled font with lots of details. Readability is a tremendously important aspect to let readers stay on your content, and it is important to ensure that your readers are understanding your content with a clear, readable presentation.

Another aspect to consider in choosing your website’s typography is contrast. In typography, very different typefaces can complement each other. On the other hand, different typefaces can resist each other to create tension between contents. As different typefaces pose many possible impacts, similar, mundane typefaces can weaken the message of the content. Through incorporating contrast and emphasis, your visitors can remember and be impacted by your content more significantly.

When considering website typography, make sure that you understand what you are designing for. Writing down a general outline of what you want to design can help you look for the typefaces that embody your main points.

What should you be careful for?

When choosing typography, common errors can be avoided through being aware of them. One error is typography inconsistency. Though appropriate contrast is valued, distracting the reader through a wildly changing typography confuses the visitors. Make sure you stay consistent in the general theme of your fonts - in choosing different fonts, consider choosing from one font group we discussed in the last post (San Serif and Serif). Another common error is typography not differing between the content’s heading and body. There not being too much similarity between headings and the body can weaken the headings’ impact, lingering less on the readers’ minds. Consider varying your fonts in size, color, or both when you are constructing web pages with heavy, important content.

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Choosing a typeface can be a complicated, confusing aspect to tackle, especially for small business owners just getting started with designing their website. Contact us today for getting started with your new website with effective, professional typography - we’ll innovate with you.


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