2021 SSFA Award Ceremony

by Website Innovator | 12/23/2021 |

2021 SSFA Award Ceremony

On a sunny day of November 27th, 2021, 30 extraordinary students across the country received the Sejong Scholarship Award. In the ceremony led by the SSFA President Albert Kim and the SSFA Chairman John Hwang, the students, who were chosen based on their academic excellence and outstanding talent, were recognized through the awards. This year, the chosen pool of applicants were especially diverse: extending from Korean American students, the scholarship committee recognized international and Non-Korean students. The scholarship committee continued their mission to support the exceptional students’ higher education, helping them overcome the financial obstacles that may hinder them.

Through the Zoom Ceremony, each student was able to be highlighted for their achievements. After watching an introduction video about the SSFA, the students were called individually to have an opportunity to share their remarks. Each comment made by the students was notable: their gratitude and aspiration resonated beyond the virtual environment, creating a community of appreciation and inspiration. At last, the students were further encouraged by President Kim and Chairman Hwang to continue on their academic achievements and passion, departing the ceremony with a heartfelt support.

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Website Innovator, also known as PROIT LLC, has been a trustworthy partner for SSFA for the past years. In addition to setting up an accessible, navigable website, Website Innovator set up an online application system to make the submission process easier for the students. This year, we revised the application system to be personalized for each student, allowing the students’ submissions to be stored in a database for more easily confirming their application status. Through the revision, many students reported the application process to be reassuring and clear. This year, our work was honored through the governor’s citation awarded to CEO Younghoo Kim, recognizing the exceptional progress made for the talented youth through technological innovation. We were truly honored to have been granted this citation, and will continue supporting SSFA on their beautiful mission, assisting the students with great potential to stand as the future leaders of the age.

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