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Website Design

We specialize in responsive web designs that adapt to multiple devices so that the website’s content and layout can be easily viewed and appreciated on all devices; desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. As a web creator, we make sure that our clients have a beautiful website with a visual that attracts and retains viewers. If you, our customer, is not satisfied, neither are we, and we will continuously work until the website achieves successful results.

We have professional designers who can create unique designs for your website or use templates already available, depending on your budget. Our team has extensive knowledge on these templates and can convert them into highly maintainable websites.

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Website & SNS Management

For a business that is constantly developing, consistent maintenance and update of its website and SNS is a necessity in order to accurately reflect current offers and specials available. An effective web design and hosting entails reliable website management that can redesign and adjust existing formats to suit changing markets. Website Innovator can handle all needed changes on an ongoing basis. Our web management operation incorporates content creation and multilingual capabilities to accommodate your needs.

We charge a monthly flat free if this service is requested by clients. If a contract is for longer than a year, we offer a discounted rate. For more information, contact us.

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Web Application Development

Website Innovator handles all types of website development projects. Our team uses strategic planning and the implementation of the latest web and mobile technologies to help your business grow. We provide a wide range of website and marketing services. From a basic website to a business level or e-commerce website, Website Innovator listens to your business’ needs and provides the best solution.

Website Design Languages:

  • HTML
  • HTML5
  • XML
  • CSS
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • jQuery

Programming and Application Development:

  • Microsoft .NET
  • C#
  • VB
  • MySQL

The use of these various web development programs is intended to fortify the reliability and stability of the website as well as expand its flexibility and improve the website’s usability. Using these programming languages, we are able to add key functions and features such as e-commerce shopping carts for e-commerce website designs. Through our expertise in utilizing these programs, we build highly scalable and easily customizable websites that suit your business.

Mobile app developments are becoming increasingly more prevalent and a critical component of web application development. Responsive web designs are a must and programs that adjust to both Androids and iPhones iOS are essential to give businesses a proper online reach.

As a web development company, we also do software building for enterprise operational databases, such as ERP, which is Enterprise Resource Planning. Installing ERP systems can help businesses optimize and streamline costs by creating a centralized data depository of activities that can be accessed across the organization. It allows companies to efficiently manage daily operations.

Pricing for web application development varies based on the type of business and the complexity of the website. For example, e-commerce website development is more sophisticated than an ordinary small business website, therefore, e-commerce development is more expensive. Please feel free to request a quote!

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Content Management

In order to be the best website development company, a strong CMS (Content Management System) is essential because it determines whether or not a company can achieve a long-term digital marketing strategy that engages viewers, retains them, and converts them to sales. Rather than a website's content boring customers with a flood of data, a website’s content can be utilized to further illustrate the brand and promote sales. Too many web design firms are lackluster when it comes to efforts of curating relevant information and miss the opportunity to take advantage of what great content can accomplish. Therefore, it can be a difficult task looking for web designers who value the optimization of content marketing in the same vein as they do digital marketing.

However, top 10 website design companies are catching on following studies that show measurable returns on investment in content strategy. Smart content management broadens company’s visibility, turns that visibility into leads, and then into sales. This improvement in bottom line is making more and more website design and development companies prioritize how they manage their content.

Based on the content you provide, we can manage the content, title, and keywords that will help visitors and search engines easily find what they need. Or based on the company information that you provide, we can create customized content as a part of your company’s larger sales campaign, that is specifically strategized to improve SEO and traffic-to-sales turnover. We are flexible in accommodating your demands. If you wish to update content on your own, we make this possible by using the content management system “WordPress”.

An important feature that an effective CMS provides is dashboard design. Dashboards essentially equip web administrators with a control panel to their site so that they can impart greater and easier influence over the website’s database. Dashboards cover every key function of the website, and the administrator can customize with added extensions and plugins to suit their business needs. Superb dashboard design incorporates functionality, versatility, and a positive user experience. Such experiences are determined by the layout and color scheme of the dashboard design as well as a robust systems analysis capability. Periodic assessment of site operations with detailed statistics and graphics helps site managers to make administrative decisions that improve not just the dashboard interface but the website’s performance.

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SEO / Marketing

Our web creators and engineers craft online marketing strategies that outperform competitors in SEO scores. We build websites that are aesthetically pleasing, architecturally sound, and easy to navigate. But most importantly, we build websites that are clean, clear, and search engine optimized, so that search engines, such as Google or Bing, can discover them easily.

Using marketing methods, we help boost a website’s ranking, thus increasing internet traffic and growing sales. Customers want to be able to quickly find what they are looking for with proficient amount of useful information presented to them. Web design and marketing play an important role in determining the length of time customers spend looking at your service or product. Our team is experienced in using e-mail, Google and Microsoft products, and social media to deliver valuable market exposure for your business.

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Even though English is one of the most widely used languages, having a website with multilingual content can help businesses reach a wider audience. Websites are designed to represent local businesses but ultimately they are globally accessible. Additionally, as a business in the greater Washington DC metropolitan area, our business serves a diverse clientele that speak many different languages. Therefore, adding a multi-language capability to our websites so that our content connects with both English-speaking and non-English speaking customers is an important feature. If you wish to focus on foreign language speakers, especially regarding Korean, Spanish, and French speakers, it is not a problem for us!


At our office location in Germantown, we have a wide-range of full color custom printing machines for flyers, business cards, brochures, booklets, and magazines. As an application development company, we strive to offer a comprehensive list of web solutions services for our customers. Therefore, we operate a printing business that does business flyer print, brochure print, magazine print, and booklet print. Whether you are looking to print flyers and posters for events, parties, or businesses, we can deliver high quality print and designs for you.

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