How should you use Typography in your Website? - Part 1

by Website Innovator | 10/7/2021 | Tips, Web Design

How should you use Typography in your Website? - Part 1

Typography is all about how we use the strategies of the characters, not simply about picking beautiful fonts. Your website’s typography can determine how your users perceive the valuable information, which can be a viable source for marketing and content promotion.

Before we dive into the details, let us explore the two main categories of fonts: Serif and Sans serif.

Serif adds extra embellishments at the end of the characters’ strokes, giving the typography a classy, formal feel. Times New Roman and Merriweather are popular examples. They work beautifully on the web that involves dynamic, changing font size, and are very useful in emphasizing headlines or headings.

Sans serif is quite different from Serif, since it has no extra details at the end of each character’s stroke. This gives the typography a much cleaner, sharper feel, improving the readability for the quick, yet dense web scrolling than Serif fonts. Arial and Helvetica are widely used examples.

Using the fonts strategically can emphasize and formulate a meaning for your content. For example, Serif’s soft lines and stroke weights adds an air of elegance for delicate, classic material (magazines, newspapers, etc). Using San Serif for the same material can make readers think that the content holds irony, decreasing their trust for your source.

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One thing to keep in mind is to use web-safe fonts when you are presenting your content on the website. Having all texts supported is extremely important for your website’s readability, which can improve your website’s efficiency and trust. The fonts below are supported and available on most devices, ensuring better control over the appearance of your typography:

Most Popular

  • Arial (Mac OS equivalent is Helvetica)
  • Times New Roman (Mac OS equivalent is Times)
  • Verdana <liCourier

Other Popular

  • Impact
  • Lucida Console (Mac OS equivalent is Monaco)
  • Lucida Sans (Mac OS equivalent is Lucida Grande)
  • Palatino
  • Tahoma (Mac OS equivalent is Geneva)
  • Comic Sans
  • Trebuchet MS

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