11 Reasons to Why you need a website

by Website Innovator | 7/16/2021 | Tips, Web Design

11 Reasons to Why you need a website

The evolving marketing strategies and trends are bringing more attention to a website’s importance for businesses.

For a lot of small businesses, this may appear daunting. Especially for a lot of small businesses targeting their local audience, building a website may seem even unnecessary. In fact, 40% of the least digitally engaged small businesses believe that a website is not relevant for their business.

As a website designing firm helping the small businesses rise to their full potential, we are the direct advocates of brands having a well-furnished website. So, here are our selected reasons to guide you in making the next big decision for your company:

11 Reasons to Why you need a website for your small business

1. Reaching those who are far away

Businesses are no longer limited to starting out in their local area. Having a website is one of the easiest ways to be discovered by your target audience who are based in any part of the world! Employing proper SEO(Check out our other blogs!) to a website, and being even more discoverable through professional help can expand your reach to a greater pool of audience.

2. Reaching those who are close by

But right now, you may be trying to build trust and reputation before you branch out. That is actually another reason for you to have a website: you can reach your local audiences more easily. People often search with proximity in mind. Have you ever searched for “restaurants open near me” for a new dinner staple? What about “coffee near me” at a new place? People prefer to commit to a business that is close by. With your website on Google, you can be discovered by more accessible, more-likely-to-commit customers near you.

3. Standing out

With a good website, your website’s credibility and uniqueness can be emphasized. 57% of Internet Users report that they are not likely to recommend a business with a poorly designed website. Now, websites have become a source of validation and trust for customers. Having a well-designed website with credible information, navigation, and organization can help your business establish reliability for existing and new customers.

Reason for website need

4. 24 hours Customer Service

For your existing customers especially, customer service is key. Having a website means that you can support your customers even outside of your hours of operation. Through links and web applications that can be embedded to your website, the level of excellence your customers can expect changes. With your website, your customers will be left satisfied and assured at any time of the day.

5. Saving you time

Moreover, customers can navigate themselves to your website and find the information they need. Even during your hours of operations, having a website can allow what you have to explain to be discovered by the customers, putting less work to be done by you.

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6. Staying Competitive

Face it, there are competitors out there we have to beat as businesses. Among small businesses that do not have a website, 29% have said they plan on building one in 2021. It is important for you to stay up to date and even ahead of the competition, and having more credibility, availability, and searchability with a website is indeed a valuable asset.

7. Tell your story

Continuing from the competitors, you can tell your own, unique story. How you built your business, how your business grew, and how you are looking to lead your business to success can only be told by you. Through your website, you can communicate your backstory as well as your products & service, attracting even more customers to rely on your business.

8. Social Media Reach is difficult

If you already have a social media account for your business, and believe having a website is basically the same thing, you may be wrong. With influencers and top companies taking over social media marketing, less market is becoming available to the small local businesses. 93% of small businesses are struggling with common social media challenges, like engaging with new followers and creating a constant flow of content. Having a website can be a great boost to your business’s online presence, making synergy with your social media account.

Boost your business by having a website

9. Show your Own Ads

You guessed it, your website can display your own ads! Your website is a great source for you to showcase and promote the ads you create, and it is easier to push them out to a greater audience with a website. With your growing website, you can showcase your offers and deals to turn your viewers to loyal customers.

10. Archive for your customer testimonials

Not only can your website be for a public outreach, but it can be for yourself and your loyal customers. Collect customer testimonials through your website, and display them on your website. You will be able to look back on your achievements, and your customers will be able to feel heard and valued through showcasing their opinions on the website.

11. Easy to make and manage

With many website building platforms available, websites are becoming easy to manage and create. It is a worthy investment to make with your extra time, with a potential to be a great source of revenue and advertisement.

Not only would your website improve in a new reach, it would build your business’s branding and existing trust from customers. Having a website is something that no businesses should miss out on, no matter how small. However it shouldn’t only end from putting together some images and fancy colors - there are strategies that help you become even more searchable, attain customers, and brand yourself uniquely against your competitors.

Having a process with professional help would make your business stand out more than ever, with a unique look and feel that customers can’t help but notice. Contact us today for help on building your website or improving your existing one: We will innovate with you.


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