The Future of Web Design is Mobile

by Website Innovator | 7/9/2021 | Mobile Friendly, Web Design

The Future of Web Design is Mobile

According to a study by Forbes, 57% of all internet traffic already come through mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. In order to cater to this huge market demand, priorities are shifting for web designers from desktop sites to mobile-first interfaces. The trend is so apparent that when Google values search optimization of websites, it takes into consideration the level of mobile friendliness.


57% of all internet traffic already come through mobile devices

A website optimized for mobile use achieves responsive design by having proper scaling of page layout with visible text and other interactive content such as images and videos. Having the content be well-fitted to mobile devices is important to minimize scrolling and maximize user convenience. Another important aspect of easy web accessibility is the loading speed of the site. Time a website and its embedded features takes to load depends on the amount and size of the files available on the site. Therefore, savvy web programmers utilize accelerated mobile page (AMP) protocols or various coding methods to cut down loading time. Mobile loading speeds are often substantially slower than computer loading speeds, therefore, customized and professional coding programs are recommended to improve mobile database flexibility. Also, reducing pop-up ads can help users interact more with the website's contents.

improve mobile database flexibility

Given how mobile platforms are becoming increasingly important, web designers should adopt features that correlate with the desired web user experience and switch to images and videos that are compatible with such said platforms. Web availability and usability should play key roles in determining which softwares produce the most user-oriented web designs.

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