Smart Digital Marketing Combines SEO + SEM

by Website Innovator | 7/2/2021 | Content Writing, Marketing Strategies, SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Smart Digital Marketing Combines SEO + SEM

Small businesses often choose to focus on either optimizing their SEO (search engine optimization) or their SEM (search engine marketing). However, online results show that a comprehensive digital marketing strategy entails both. The two methods, SEO and SEM, work to complement one another and offer what the other one lacks. Therefore, these efforts should be valued as one integrated overall online marketing effort, where SEO and SEM work together in running effective digital campaigns.

SEOs for businesses can be built through a variety of ways such as creating google business accounts, establishing social media presence, and having keyword-driven content. All these ways help to organically lay the foundation that better targets interested customers, bring in more traffic, and get more brand exposure. However, it can take a long time to see results — even with consistent effort. This is where SEM can give you fast and immediate results.

Pursuing SEM requires businesses to buy site traffic through pay per-click marketing, paid searches, and displayed advertising. These efforts guarantee an uptick in visibility and produce fast results by targeting interested viewers. However, even this guarantee in exposure is not enough to sustain and convert these viewers into customers. Businesses need to accompany their SEM efforts with solid websites that include strategically crafted content, which communicate to viewers about their capacity to provide the in-demand goods and services.

A reported 74% of internet users perform local searches and 61% of local searches result in purchases. In order to tap into this pool of potential customers, businesses need to incorporate both SEM and SEO that create a lasting digital marketing strategy. SEM without strong SEO won't give you satisfying returns. Even though SEM efficiently capitalizes on focus keyword searches, SEO offers the actual content that converts and retains traffic ushered in by SEM methods. This combination of SEO and SEM will help to ensure online success for small businesses.

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