7 Important Tips to Building an Effective Website

by Website Innovator | 3/1/2021 | Marketing Strategies, Tips, Web Design

7 Important Tips to Building an Effective Website

First, a well functioning CMS (Content Management System) is critical to having a long-term digital marketing strategy that engages viewers, retains them, and converts to sales. Website's content should offer customers more than just a flood of dull data. Too many business owners and executives fail to recognize this importance of curating relevant information and are hesitant to invest in content marketing in the same way as digital marketing. On average, companies spend a disproportionate amount of resources buying ads on social media platforms compared to investing in their content strategy. However, studies show a solid trend of original content earning strong ROI (Return-on-Investment). A successful website achieves the trifecta of visibility, leads, and sales. Visibility illustrates how much targeted traffic is directed to the website. Leads show the conversion of that traffic into ready-to-buy clients. And, sales display how many of those targeted eager clients will actually purchase the product. Visibility leans into leads, and leads contribute to sales. Studies report that the conversion rate from visibility to leads is 16%, and the conversion rate from leads to sales is 14%. These rates demonstrate in measurable ways of how website's content can improve your business's bottom line. 

Second, a robust SEO is the engine that gives your website the necessary energy to be successful. An optimized SEO broadly includes two methods that attract more interested users. The first method involves technical engineering, which incorporates having on-page SEO tags and programs such as schema and XML sitemaps. The second practice goes back to the importance of having great original content that is consistently updated and strategized to captivate users. These two courses of action contribute to a healthy SEO score, and thus improve the general targeted traffic to the site. 

Third, having in place strong security measures is crucial to ensure content preservation but also to assure customers of privacy concerns. In the  age of rampant cyber attacks, more customers want to hear company commitments to protecting their user data from third parties. 

Fourth, analytics programs that enable the company to track traffic along with other desired targets are proving to be effective and efficient measures in operating a website. An analytics-equipped website with indicators able to trace conversions of visibility to leads and leads to sales will be in a much better position to improve their operations and optimize sales.

Fifth, having a mobile responsive web design is essential to running a multi-dimensional and wide-reaching website. The rising advent of progressive apps, which in large part attempt to integrate the best parts of websites with mobile apps, signals the importance of building mobile friendly websites that have capabilities to display content on a multitude of different devices. 

Sixth, web designers should implement fast loading home pages. The loading speed of the website determines the site's usability and exhibits professionalism. Developers can use pingdom or pagespeed insights by google to check website speeds. A well utilized homepage can have major advantages for businesses. An active homepage captures users with relevant information, illustrates branding, and includes links to other pages. The overall speed and design of the website's homepage make a lasting impact on customers which is why it's important to make a great first impression. 

Finally, a staple feature in managing a compelling digital marketing campaign is running an integrated social media account. This involves creating an active account and buying ads on popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Having a presence on social media as a business is a must-have feature since it affords businesses with instant visibility at low to no cost and allows companies to foster a line of communication with interested customers.   

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