by Website Innovator | 9/25/2020 | Content Writing, Tips

Optimal Ways to Incorporate Visual Media Content

Adding images and videos can be an effective way to boost interaction with site visitors on the internet. The adage that goes “a picture is worth a thousand words” is very true in the case of online marketing. Rather than filling the site’s pages with endless text, posting one relevant photo can have a much bigger impact. The right visual will not only catch people’s attention but also clearly communicate the desired message in an instant manner. However, pictures and videos cannot register for keywords research, and therefore, do not contribute directly to higher SEO scores. Therefore, there are best practices available as to how to optimally publish visual media content. First is to use transcription services on any videos or podcasts in order to provide text and to make them count towards search rankings. Transcripts will likely include tons of keywords related to its business, industry, and competitors, which will then be picked up by search engines to result in a favorable SEO. Second, when embedding videos, realize that the right context and placement on the website are key determinants of their performance success. Also, for the purposes of achieving top spots on Google, Youtube videos prove unrivaled. Lastly, for inserting images on the site, remember to add captions through Image Alt Tags in order to offer full description of the photos. This information is valuable to Google in figuring out and processing which pictures are on its platform. All of these measures, if utilized to its full effect, accomplishes the diversification of different types of content on the website, increased engagements, and overall improved visibility of the website. Take these easy but meaningful steps to reap the benefits of integrating more visual media into your digital marketing plan.

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