Pillars to Keep in Mind for Social Media Strategies

by Website Innovator | 5/23/2022 | Marketing Strategies

Pillars to Keep in Mind for Social Media Strategies


  1. Consistency

You show up at your office or store every day for your business, guaranteeing your customers that you will be there. The same principle applies to social media strategies. When you post on your social media platforms consistently, it shows that you will be active on social media at predictable intervals – creating trust for the viewers you want to reach. In addition, with social media having the features to follow and subscribe to your content, consistency gives your followers the reason to follow through with supporting you after simply discovering 1 post written by you — expecting the continuous flow of content that they liked.

  1. Theme

Humans are motivated by pleasures they can predict. When you see a cookie, you end up wanting it because you predict the swell sweetness that will fill your mouth. In social media, what allows viewers to predict if your content will give you sweetness is your theme. The colors you compose your posts, the fonts you use, and the logo you always have are all your theme. What you believe in as you curate your posts, and what emotions you convey through those posts are all your theme. Viewers on social media see your uniqueness as they analyze the posts you have made, and organically follow through if they can predict that your future contents will bring you the same pleasure.

  1. Enthusiasm

Not so surprisingly, there are humans behind the likes and comments you receive on social media. The engagement on social media are reactions real humans produce with their thumbs as they get interested about your services or products. To engage with these humans, you must show that you are also human. Show that you are actively welcoming the viewers on your social media page through enthusiastic actions. Just as you would greet a new interested customer with a warm excitement, respond to a new comment with kindness and compassion. Just as you would make wishes for holidays for your loyal customers, make a beautiful post with your gratitude on celebrated days of the year.


At Website Innovator, we firmly believe that any business can thrive on social media by keeping the above pillars in mind for their strategies. It may seem hard to tackle the new rapidly rising platforms, but we are here to help you easily maximize your business’s online presence and potential. Contact us today to explore available options and strategies for your social media marketing – we are here to innovate with you.

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