Exploring Social Media Marketing Strategies

by Website Innovator | 4/25/2022 | Marketing Strategies

Exploring Social Media Marketing Strategies

Exploring Social Media Marketing Strategies


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1. Social networking

Social networking platforms allow users from various places to come together and “network”, interacting about interests and sharing information about a topic. Facebook, Twitter, and Discord are leading examples of social networking platforms. In this platform, marketing strategies that can be shared between people’s conversation works best, since information is spread through active user interaction, such as personal messages and posts. If there is a clear, established user niche for your business targets, social networking platforms are ideal since your marketing will thrive on engaging the already active users within that niche.


2. Social news

Social news platforms are web environments that broadcast articles and posts about various topics, engaging users with voting functions that determine the popularity of the article. Buzzfeed, Reddit, and Quora are examples of social news platforms. In these platforms, authors produce opinionated or educated articles at various sub-niches, which are established around numerous topics of interest. Articles that get a lot of responses or positive reactions get to be ranked higher and shown to more users on the platform. With the nature of news platforms prioritizing user popularity, having relatability or novelty that can gain attention makes a product suitable for social news platform strategy.


3.Media sharing

Through using the ideal social media platform — or through using a combination of them — your business can reach the proper clients from any region or background. Within the changing marketing environment, engaging in quality social media strategies can significantly boost the trust and outreach for your business. At Website Innovator, we specialize in social media strategies and creative contents that can make your business stand out: all at an affordable price. Contact us today to learn more about what social media platform would best suit your business — We are here to innovate with you.



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