by Website Innovator | 5/18/2020 | Marketing Strategies

Track & Analyze Your Digital Marketing Performance

Tracking tools such as Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, SEMRush, and Moz can all be incorporated with the site to help monitor things like daily visitor counts, view lengths, how top keywords associated with the site rank across competitor sites, and which features receive the most traction. Such analysis of real time traffic pattern statistics can lend insight into where further value can be created and understanding possible opportunities for growth. For example, if visitors are not staying on your site for long, it might be a sign that your rival page is presenting more value. One of the most utilized data services is Facebook Pixel, which can be embedded on the site to specifically show you viewer interest through observing Facebook ads, including conversions on them and better maneuvering of them to target potential audiences. Another popular digital analytics software is Google Analytics, which provides a detailed look at the site's users and their actions in order to optimize ad marketing as well as the overall digital strategy.

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