Reflecting on 2021 Summer Internship

by Website Innovator | 9/3/2021 | Hiring

Reflecting on 2021 Summer Internship

This summer, Website Innovator hosted an Internship partnered with LoKA (League of Korean Americans) with 6 interns in total. Whether virtual or in-person, we shared our process of innovation and creativity to the brilliant students. Ranging from an incoming 9th grade student to a new college freshman, our interns’ uniqueness, perspective, and liveliness were a wonderful addition to our Germantown office. They engaged in various endeavors like Python Learning, Project Discussion, and Database Research. In addition to their independent contributions, the interns received a chance to shadow in CEO coding sessions, project team meetings, and brainstorming sessions.

statistic for intern survey. 100% of interns felt supported

In an anonymous post-internship survey conducted for the interns, 100% of the interns replied that they felt fully supported during the internship. They responded that they will use the skills acquired during the summer internship for future mobile app programming projects, web development projects, and higher level computer science courses.

graphic for interns. Picture of interns socializing with masks on displayed

Bringing interns to the office brought us a new lens as well. We were able to be reminded of the importance of new ideas, and how critical creativity and support is in workplace culture. With each of the 50 hours the interns spent in our office, we were deeply inspired and refreshed on how we can reach out more effectively to brand-new clients, approach projects, and share our progress to the community.

Interns celebration ceremony

Not only did we celebrate our interns' achievements at the office, CEO Younghoo Kim attended the celebration ceremony to recognize our interns' achievements. It was a delightful occassion to be able to properly congratulate our interns, and a chance to reflect back on the wonderful memories the interns allowed us.

At Website Innovator, we believe in fostering a community of innovators. We strive to create and nurture the community of bright, young minds to lead the future’s technology, and we believe in the inspiration from the youth’s creativity. If you are interested in an internship position, contact us today. We look forward to innovating with you.

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