Benefits of Customized Web Design vs. Wix and Shopify

by Website Innovator | 5/11/2018 | Development, Web Design

Benefits of Customized Web Design vs. Wix and Shopify

However, this also means that the web is being flooded with more idle websites that don't attract enough traffic or generate sales. Having a website is simply not enough these days. Companies must create original content to pull viewers to the website. Also, an extensive marketing/ outreach campaign has to coincide with the website in order to get a full utilization out of the site. 

Customized web design means customized content, which means your company will present original material that stand out amongst competitors. Having the ability to customize content has a number of key advantages. First, a strong content marketing strategy will boost your website's Search Engine Result Page ranking (SERP) and produce increased traffic to the site in the long run. Quality creative content will lead to an increased likelihood of sharing of the site's contents by users, which results in more back links to the site. Because web listings on the first page of Google search account for 92% of all traffic, getting your website to land on the first page is critical to capturing web traffic. In order to do so, websites need to be equipped with SEO-friendly content and mobile-optimized features. As of May 2015, Google search volumes on mobile phones surpassed those on desktops, therefore, mobile-friendliness of websites now partly determine website's SEO rankings.

The second benefit to customized web design is running a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, which entails an active social media presence and viewer engagement on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Because of the sheer number and variety of social networking tools available these days, companies fail to deliver a uniform and effective branding message to its audience, who follow them across different media platforms. That's why more and more companies are hiring web agencies to manage their marketing efforts for them. It's important that all of the company's presence on the web, including instagram, facebook, and website, be integrated and present a singular brand story. Having instagram show one thing, and facebook another is inconsistent branding and carry the potential to confuse viewers. 61% of high traffic sites on GoDaddy had an attached Facebook page, which goes to show what an important role social media can play. But even on Facebook, securing an organic reach to target audiences is becoming more difficult. Therefore, integrating these various platforms and customizing a brand message can be a useful and cost-effective communication tool in this age.  Check out our SNS management services.

Using third party software to build websites can be less expensive, but it comes with its limitations. The website can seem impersonal, formulaic, and frustrating to work with in terms of its lack of flexibility and control.  Check out our customized design portfolio.

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