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We are a professional website design and development company based in Germantown, MD. Founded in 2014, We’ve become a trusted partner and a collaborator for local businesses, helping to create an effective online presence that attracts customers.

Case Studies

Maile Hawaiian Jewelry

Maile Hawaiian Jewelry

Maile Hawaiian Jewelry is a Hawaii-based Jewelry business now operating in Virginia. Maile Hawaiian Jewelry’s wide, yet unique offering of craft and custom-made jewelries have left customers with a warm satiation of Aloha (love in Hawaiian). Maile Hawaiian Jewelry has shined in special occasions like weddings, graduations, and trade shows, establishing the trust and honor that the brand embodies at the loved places in many lives.

Maile Hawaiian Jewelry needed a website that radiates the same warm, loving vibe that the in-person store has. The visuals that reflect the brand’s uniqueness and promise, and the smooth shopping platform were needed for attracting and engaging more customers for their beautiful jewelries.

So, we started from scratch. We matched every request the owners had, having their care and love for the customers the same in our heart. From the development of the website to its management until now, we have been a partner in Maile Jewelry's journey.

Gahrham Korean


Gahrham is a Maryland-based Korean BBQ restaurant, serving authentic, delicious Korean Barbecue and dishes. As their name, which translates to the one who leaves behind eternal achievements, Gahram has served the customers with lingering taste and satisfaction through the community.

Gahram needed a website that emphasizes the quality and the authenticity of their dishes, supported by the customers. Gahram’s website needed a careful, yet concise description of the menu to attract the hungry customers and engage them to try Gahram’s dishes. In the face of COVID-19, Gahram was seeking for an online ordering system to better serve their customers.

In order to showcase the class and authenticity of Gahram’s dishes, we curated a warm, darker color scheme. Our experts designed a Korean traditional paper-textured background, accentuating the traditional taste that Gahram serves. Then, we carefully chose the pictures and active animations to allow the customers to explore the thoroughly-translated, readable menu. We simplified the navigation header to 4 sections to focus on attracting a wider audience, while maintaining descriptions that efficiently deliver Gahram’s service and reputation. In addition, we created an online ordering system in the website to allow the customers to easily experience Gahram in a click.

Sejong Scholarship Foundation

Sejong Scholarship Foundation

Established in 1997, Sejong Scholarship Foundation has served as a financial helping hand for many students in the community. For over 20 years, Sejong Scholarship Foundation has held the mission of the first-generation Korean American founders to support young talent. With over $556,000 awarded to more than 580 inspired students, Sejong Scholarship Foundation seeks to reward and support the students that shape the future of the community.

As their mission, the Sejong Foundation needed a website that express their transparent, selfless nature that establishes trust of the students and the donors. The website was intended to be heavily used by the students to apply for the annual scholarship, which required an easy navigation for the process. In addition, the website was to be used for recruiting donors, and needed an easy, versatile donation process embedded in the design.

In order to highlight the progress and dedication the Sejong Foundation is making, we included pictures of students and hosted ceremonies as the heading image. We made sure to include the clear description of the foundation to express their service in the home page, optimizing the search engine flow and establishing the intention of Sejong. Our experts curated forms at clearly labeled tabs to facilitate the application process for students, guiding them through each requirement and ensuring a complete and thorough workflow. In addition to the students, we created navigations for donors with options for easy online payments and the Amazon Smile program, making donation clearer and easier.

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