by Website Innovator | 11/5/2020 | Content Writing

Original Content

A digital marketing strategy in year 2020 must incorporate having specific schedules for creating and posting distinct content online. Content is the foundation and the engine that runs any website because it is what draws people in and has them stay put. Whether it’s blogs, social media posts, or videos, original content leads to achieving a high SEO, which then translates into a high performing website. A successful plan for content production must entail two things, consistency and quality. First is consistency, meaning posting regularly and updating frequently. This key element helps tremendously in building trust and confidence with visitors. Staying relevant or offering any kind of substantial advice on business, products and services can be very difficult for a website that rarely publishes anything in months. Second is ensuring great quality content. The merit of what is considered quality content is divided into three types, which are popularity, information, and differentiation. Popularity is straightforward, it’s a hot topic that is trending and gaining fast traction on the internet. Being smart in utilizing these momentary topics can go a long way in captivating audiences. Informative content is one that educates readers and is often detail oriented in long form articles. Because they are usually in longer formats and explain how to do things, they are useful for inserting keywords and terms. The last kind of content variety is one of a kind and unique content that differentiates one website from the next. All three of these factors serve as constructive guides for developing quality content that attracts free web traffic. Constantly delivering valuable content captures both the size and scope of the content curation strategy which is important in fulfilling the mission of a website, to reach as many people as possible.

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