by Website Innovator | 5/26/2020 | Domain, Marketing Strategies

Customized Domain

Therefore, choosing a custom domain name that is an apt reflection of the business is crucial when first creating a website for a company. Getting a fully functional website to be up and running where consumers can quickly find you online accomplishes credibility and professionalism to customers in today's digital environment. Best domain names tend to be concise and catchy phrases or concepts that people will easily remember and hold onto. For websites that aim to be relevant in the long run, having its own domain is also an important foundational layer for building a solid SEO (Search Engine Optimization). For example, a free subdomain is not as competitive in terms of SEO on Google as a customized domain because search engines view generic subdomains as only beginner sites as much of them are. But with a personalized domain name, not only the site's contents but also its links as well as various social signals for SEO accumulate over time and contribute directly to the site's growth. This process of link building and branding is the reason starting off with a distinct domain is considered essential for not impeding potential business development. Website Innovator helps clients to tackle this task of registering custom domains hassle free so that they may focus their capabilities on core operations all the while having web visitors be guided to locate and spot their page on the internet.

Here are some tips:

  • A dictionary or a thesaurus can be a simple and helpful starting guide when picking a name.
  • Popular choices for good names might already be taken for those wanting '.com' domains so dare to be creative!
  • Some basic tips would be to stay clear of using hyphens.
  • It might at first seem like a smart idea, but when typing out the domain name, pressing a hyphen key can be tedious, confusing, and bothersome.
  • In using numbers, remember to give them a common sense purpose, rather than just selecting random numbers.
  • For example, good2skin or good4skin are cases of where numbers were used in place of words.
  • Also, in order to boost authenticity and timelessness, try to avoid inserting abbreviations and slang terms in domain names.

For further tips, ideas, and suggestions, please contact Website Innovator.

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